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With our directory listing, you can access an extensive pool of logistics providers with worldwide experience in the industry. We provide & ensure flawless matchmaking by offering full control over your interaction.

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We use real-time tracking technology to keep you updated every step of the way as your shipment moves from your warehouse to your desired destination.

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Our logistics-as-a-service platform connects you to our worldwide logistics network and is powered by the latest in technology to give you visibility into your shipments and help you get the most value from your chosen logistics provider

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Built with responsive design, our platform is optimized for all devices and works seamlessly on smartphones, tablets and desktops. This allows you to utilize our platform no matter where you are or what device you are using.

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Today’s freight forwarders and other logistics providers are looking for a solution that can support business process flexibility, improve shipment visibility and reduce costs. We at iLogixNet is a web-based single-point platform that manages freight forwarding, warehousing, and global connections for Freight Forwarding, NVOCC, and 3PL companies.

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