Introducing the World’s First Service Platform for Logistics

Discover the power of iLogixNET, the first of its kind digital service platform that connects businesses across the entire global logistics network.

We are a holistic and innovative digitally enabled platform specially curated to successfully help you link with Freight Forwarding and Logistics companies worldwide for invaluable and fruitful collaborations on a global scale.

As a pioneer in logistic digitalization & digitization, we firmly believe that technology and logistics go hand in hand. In our efforts to bridge the gap between the two, we are steadfast in our unremitting pursuit to deliver substantial impacts in the logistics industry through our platform.

Our intuitive platform offers you with cutting-edge digital solutions to fulfill and ease your logistics needs:

  • Real-time tracking and improved visibility of your shipments.
  • Streamline your processes to avoid human errors, reduce costs and save time.
  • Structured collaboration and workflow for seamless communication among partners.

iLogixNET is committed to making logistics simpler for our revered members. Leveraging technology, we are revolutionizing logistics by providing a state-of-the-art platform available to you – anytime, anywhere.


At iLogixNET, we believe that every business deserves the chance to grow from local to global. Plugging your company into a world of opportunities has never been easier with our integrated platform.

Join us to gain access to our exclusive features that give you the advantages to build solid partnerships and broaden your company’s reach on a global scale.

Seamless Collaboration

Experience seamless and sound collaboration with logistics partners through our platform.

  • Global partnership opportunities
  • Closer interaction between partners
  • More business generation


Our mission is to be a valuable resource for our clients, assisting them in realizing growth opportunities and unlocking the full potential of their business, all while establishing long-term competitive advantages guided by integrity, which is at the heart of our business. With our platform, our clients can efficiently and strategically expand their logistics business globally.


Our vision is to propel iLogixNET as an undisputed world’s leading service platform that is known for powering digital transformation in the logistics industry.

Core Values

We are firmly uphold by a set of core values that serve as a compass for all of our actions.


We are always innovating, looking for new ways to make our every aspect in our platform better, faster and easier, but never satisfied with the status quo.


    We strive to be a platform that aims high for its members and delivers on its commitments every day.


      We act with a sense of urgency and deliver values through continuous improvement and exceptional execution of our platform.


        Integrity is the hallmark of our business. We conduct our platform in an honest and ethical way with trust as the foundation

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